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Southeast Shooter – USPSA Area 6

2018 Area 6…

…will be in Florida next year. Check back for details.

There! Now it’s been updated since Mar 2016! And no, Roons on DP, I’m not the primary webmaster for this site anymore, and haven’t been since Jay Corn rewrote it from nothing when he came into office for his brief stay as A6 Director. They definitely could USE a new webmaster. If anyone is interested, please contact Bruce Wells.

New AL Section Coordinator

I would like to announce a change for the Alabama Section Coordinator. First I would like to thank Mark Ruschak for his years of dedicated service to the great state of Alabama in USPSA. Our hope is he will enjoy many years of shooting with his service to the sport with fond memories. Please thank him when you meet him on the range.

We would like to welcome Mark Kauder to this position. Mark is well respected as a match director for the the AL Section Championship for a number of years. Please congratulate and suppot Mark in the coming months. Thanks Mark for taking a leadership role.

Bruce Wells
Area 6 Director

2016 Central Florida Section Slot Series

January starts a new slot series in the Central Florida Section. This is for the 2017 Nationals Slots. The series runs all year and includes matches from eight clubs plus the Florida State Championship in January. Each club will announce their slot series match as one of the monthly matches of the year. They will give at least 30 days notice and there will be no extra charge.

Participants need to register at www.matchsignup.org/slotseries. It’s free to register but you need to do it before the Florida State Championship, Jan 15.

CFS 2016 Nationals Slot Series

The Central Florida Section consists of several clubs that have agreed to a Nationals Slot series. The slots are available to those members of the clubs of Central Florida Section. You must attend at least 4 club matches. Your match percentage finish are your points. Add up your best 4 to get your standing in the series. The Monster Match counts as double points this year.

Upcoming Slot Series Matches

July 5th 2015 -Gainesville Target Range
July 12th 2015 -Polk County Practical
Aug 9 2015 – Hernando County
Aug 15 2015 – Roads End PS – Frostproof FL
Aug 29 2015 – WAC Practical Shooters
Sept 9 2015 – Williston
Sept 6 2015 – Ruskin
Oct 31 2015 – Monster Match – Frostproof

Following this series, you will need to participate in the FL State Championship in January for the 2017 slot series

New Central Florida Section Coordinator

We have a new Section coordinator in the Central Florida Section. Chad Hylander has graciously volunteered for the position. Chad has been with USPSA since February 2011 and has earned the A class in Production division. Currently a CRO, Chad helps with many of the club and area matches and has close personal ties with Tony Hyatt, the previous long time SC.

Tony has been a great asset to USPSA and the Central Florida Section for as long as anyone can remember. Many know Tony for his dedication to every major match and for a man so dedicated, he has a full size USPSA logo tattoo. Tony has worked many Nationals, Area matches and countless local matches in every capacity from RO to RM. Tony has some health issues to contend with and we all wish him well so we can see him again at the next USPSA match. Thank You Tony!

New Carry Optics Division

For decades, USPSA has shaped the pistol industry through its shooters who constantly made their firearms more accurate, comfortable and reliable. From handmade beavertails, thumb safeties and mag wells to electronic sights and porting, our competitors have been instrumental in pushing firearms manufacturing forward.

Recently, the tides have started to turn, and it is USPSA who must keep up with the industry. We have recognized the progression of lightweight carry pistols that are being outfitted with slide mounted electronic optics. In an attempt to answer this growing trend, USPSA has approved the provisional division of Carry Optics. For the remainder of 2015, Carry Optics will be recognized at sanctioned Level 1 USPSA events. At the next in-person USPSA BOD meeting, Jan 23-24, 2016, the Board will evaluate member participation, industry response and growth trends to decide if Carry Optics can remain a viable division within USPSA.

The division rules will stay very restrictive to avoid the potential “arms race” and will keep the requirements strictly in line with industry offerings. A complete appendix of Carry Optics division specifications will be available at www.uspsa.org in the coming days.

We are excited to see how this new division will be received by our members and the industry.

Phil Strader — President
US Practical Shooting Association

Upcoming Election Ballots

With all the politics of USPSA in the past couple of years it’s safe to say this election year will have a large impact on Area 6 and the future of USPSA as a whole. Elections have traditionally brought out 18-24% of the eligible voters in USPSA. There are many speculations as to why the percentage is low but other organizations seem to show the same passion, or lack thereof, in their elections.

In the past years there have been a lot of reports where members did not get to vote because they did not receive a ballot or a code to vote online. In anticipation of such an important election it is important that you make sure USPSA has your most current mailing address and email long before ballots are sent. Ballots are sent by a third party company after USPSA HQ sends them the list of eligible names and addresses. This means you need to get your corrections to HQ early, before July 15th if possible.


Area 6 Championship was Hot!

This year the Florida sunshine brought the heat early making the Area 6 Championship a tough match for even the fittest competitors. Despite the blazing heat, twenty four of the thirty six squads pushed through twelve long stages in one day.  In the end their bags were well over 300 rounds lighter.

This championship was technical. Plenty of long, thirty plus yard shots to steel plates, poppers and paper. Options were abundant. Division and skills dictated the path. The average stage was over 25 rounds consisting of both close and far targets. Speed changes were key to a stage win. In old school fashion, this match was not about being a track star but rather a marksman at speed. The longest stage could be covered in just 24 steps and the average was closer to 14 or 16.

The age spread was wide. Eighteeen Super Seniors braved the heat and stuck with it all the way through. More than 24 Seniors and 12 juniors showed their skills as well. The University of Florida was well represented and provided the luxury of practice bays to anyone with three dollars.  The youngest of the juniors was just ten years old and made it all 12 stages in one day.

The strongest part of the match had to be the range officers and staff. Over 15 of 60 scheduled range volunteers didn’t make it to the match. That left holes to be filled by those who gave more than their fair share.  They traded out and stood for each other all three days. Breaks turned in to helping at another bay. Ninety degree temperatures  and little shade time between squads, the Florida heat brought some of them down to their knees. Even with all the holes, the match went off without a hitch or delay. It will take several days to recover from this one.

At the end, the prize money and the CK Arms Open gun were the subject. Everyone likes prizes but cash is even better. Over $18000 cash was awarded and 10 guns were earned or won in drawings and raffles.

Overall Results

Open – KC Eusubio
Limited – Manny Bragg
Limited 10 – Ted Puente
Production – Sal Luna
Single Stack – Robert Bowers
Revolver – Josh Lentz

Juniors Results

Christian Harris – High Junior Limited
Garris Mercer – High Junior Open, High Junior Overall Match
Seth Clagg – High Junior Production, 6th Place Production
Abigail Clagg – 3rd Lady Open
Anniston Baluyot – 2nd Lady Production

Area 6 Stages Controversy

Let me start by apologizing for some mis-information that has spread. A match was held by Roads End club at Frostproof on Saturday, March 29th. The stages were described as practice for area 6 but I can assure you they were not replicas or even close to the final stages of Area 6.  In fact one of the reasons I shot the match was to ensure they were not replicating the A6 match.

The stages we had planned and published for the real A6 were stages that had been shot at other Area 6 State matches. The stages had obviously been used by many clubs and shooters establishing the idea that they were well vetted stages. It was intended to be a conglomeration of Area 6 clubs and state championship stages.

None of the final stages have been placed on the ground as rumor may say. In fact we have not started building them and they are scheduled to be built Saturday, April 4th.  Nobody will be allowed on the stages until Thursday, the day before the match.

In light of the rumors and any perception of wrong doing, I have decided to change all 12 stages from the published diagrams. On Saturday, the day we start building, I will personally change every stage. I have informed the DNROI, A6 Director and the RM. The new stages will not be published before the match.

Unfortunately these things happen and we the volunteers must adapt to ensure a fair and challenging match for everyone. Sadly, this may change the publishing of matches across the board in the future.

Jay Corn, Match Director
2015 Area 6 Championship

2015 Area 6 Championship

It’s just under 15 days until the match!

We have a great match planned for April 10th through 12th. It will be three full days of challenging stages and I just posted them to the USPSA Area 6 Website.


You can download the stages and take a look but keep in mind, paper drawings don’t always do justice to the layout in the actual bay. Round count is expected to be 298 minimum. Classifier is expected to be 13-07. Yes, there will be a chrono stage.

Click Here -> A6 Stages


Be sure to bring supplies for a long day in Florida. Sunscreen is a must, hats are crucial to keeping the sun out of the eyes and fluids for the heat. We will have water on the stages but if you have another favorite beverage, bring it. We suggest you have a rain coat or umbrella in your bag just in case of an afternoon shower. In rare cases of rain we could have a delay but light rain we bag the targets and push though.

Sponsors, raffles, gifts and random drawings

This year we are gifted with several sponsors and our title sponsor, CK Arms (www.ckarms.com). We especially want you to thank them for their contributions to our sport and this match. These are sponsors that participate in just about every match of USPSA in some way. They are our industry and they are driving the development of products and services that progress the action shooting sports.

CK Arms has graciously donated a complete, competition ready Open Gun. You will have the opportunity to win this gun in the onsite raffle. You will not have to be present to win, just buy tickets at registration or during the match. (www.ckarms.com)

Springfield Armory – Thanks again to Deb for all the great donations of guns and gear. These folks support many matches all year round. (www.springfield-armory.com)

Shooters Connection has always come through and provided the matches with the upmost in discounted supplies and prizes. This year they have once again helped make the match one of the largest cash awards in history. (www.shootersconnection.com)

Comp-Tac has agreed to help with supplies and will keep us in good supply of pasters. In a match this size, that is a big donation. (www.comp-tac.com)

Competitive Edge Dynamics – Premier supplier of timers and chronographs. We are just one of the many fortunate matches to receive gifts from this long time supporter of the action shooting world. (www.cedhk.com)

Brownells – Always there for a match. They are donating several gifts to the random drawings. (www.brownells.com)

STI – Always in the game with promotionals and more. (www.stiguns.com)


This year’s match will be scored using PractiScore. We will have a paper backup using stage logs that you can review or snapshot for your records. We will not be passing out slips of paper to the competitors.

PractiScore will be running across our private WiFi but only range equipment will have access. In all fairness, competitors will not have direct access to PractiScore. Range Officers have been given specific instructions not to share information about competitors on other squads, so please do not ask. Scores will be posted throughout the match.

Registration – If you can get to the range a day before you shoot it will help tremendously. Those in the afternoon squads, please get to the range well ahead of your start time of 1:30p

Registration Times

Thursday 4:00PM – 6:00PM
Friday 7:00 AM – 8:00AM and 4:00PM-6:00PM
Saturday 7:00AM – 8:00AM and 11:00AM – 1:00PM
Sunday 7:00AM – 8:00AM

First Shots at 8:00AM Sharp!

Please be at your stage by 7:45 for the walk through



Our match is very full and we have a set schedule to meet. It is imperative that everyone be on time and do your part. Unless there is a person willing to swap with you on another squad there will be no squad changes available the day of the match.


  • No squad changes available the day of the match
  • Shoot-thrus are not an option at this match.


This year we plan to have the awards ceremony under the pavilion at the range shortly after the last shot fired. With PractiScore at hand we should have the scores posted quickly for your review.

Although we work very hard to ensure the accuracy of all scores, it is YOUR responsibility to review your scores and notify us BEFORE the scores are marked as final. Unless there is a score that dramatically skews the placements, there will be no changing the scores after the ceremonies.

Cash Awards are determined by participation according to the current USPSA rule book for a level III match. Exact award amounts will be posted at registration. Unclassified classes are not eligible for cash prizes


As everyone may or may not know, the match is a moving target in itself. Changes are made on the fly right up until match start. The above statements are made with this in mind. Please help us with unexpected changes and make sure your entry is complete and correct long before day one of the match. If you need to email or call, please do. Your changes may effect cash payouts and or other factors of the match.