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More Guns Added to Production List

Final note from former Area 6 Director Jay Corn, passed on to him by former NROI Director John Amidon. Last messages from everyone, it seems.

Have recently added the following handguns to the approved Production list.

Smith & Wesson:

M&P 9 Core 4.25 length 9mm 24 ounces
M&P 9 Core 5 inch 9mm 26 ounces
M&P 40 Core 4.25 length .40 S&W 24 ounces
M&P 40 Core 5 inch .40 S&W 26 ounces

G21 Gen4 4.60 length .45 Auto 29.30 ounces
G29 Gen4 3.77 length 10mm 26.83 ounces
G30 Gen4 3.77 length .45 Auto 26.30 ounces
G30S 3.77 length .45 Auto 22.95 ounces
G32 Gen4 4.48 length .357 24.00 ounces
G33 Gen4 3.42 length .357 21.89 ounces
G41 Gen4 5.31 length .45 ACP 27 ounces

3 New Guns Added to Production List

The other day the DNROI approved the following additional firearms for Production Division. They are:
  • Sig Sauer P320 Full-Size Nitron barrel length 4.7 weight with empty magazine inserted 29.4 ounces in 9mm
  • Walther Arms PPQ M2 5″ barrel 9mm weight with empty magazine inserted 24 ounces.
  • Sig Sauer P229 Elite Stainless in both 9mm and .40S&W

Another major moves to St George Utah

SCSAwebIn a seemingly sweeping move to shift all major matches to the west coast, another major match has been moved to St George, Utah.  The 2014 World Speed Shooting Championships, part of the USPSA Steel Challenge, has been moved to Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park (SUSSP).  This is the same range used for the Area 1 Championships and the USPSA Handgun Nationals.

The Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park (SUSSP)  is a partnership between the BLM, Washington County,  8 cities in Washington County, the NRA, and 5 non-profit organizations that run public venues on the park. SUSSP is a 501(c) non-profit organization that operates as a Special Service District of Washington County. It is a beautiful park for the sports.

While it may be a beautiful park, it’s nowhere near a major airline hub. Nobody knows why all the major matches are being shifted to the west but it sure isn’t cheap hotels and easy transportation. St George Utah is about two hours drive from Las Vegas.  The USPSA Handgun Nationals also moved there from Vegas last year. It  is the home of Southern Utah Practical Shooters.

If you are frustrated that the Nationals have not been shared with the east coast, or at least moved to a reasonable travel location, you are not alone. Many people from Area 6 did not go to the Nationals last year because of cost and time. It was expensive enough when it was in Las Vegas, but now its 2 hours drive beyond that. Some volunteers were spending upwards of $750 to volunteer at the Nationals and they didn’t even get to shoot it.

If you want to see the east coast get some of the pie, start asking the candidates for President what they think.


Comments on Membership Report of 2014

As many of you know, Kim Williams released a statement titled, ‘USPSA Report to the Membership’ about USPSA regarding the general position and direction of the organization. I want to thank her for taking the time to publish the report. All in all it is a positive message and USPSA is moving forward.

In response to some questions and comments I have been given, I would like to clarify some things and include my take on the subjects. Keep in mind I have only been in this position 45 days and many of the subjects I have not been caught up on internally.

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What’s in the Area Budget?

A lot of talk over the years has been tossed around about what funds USPSA gives the area director. This article is to clear up the talk and let everyone know exactly what the the USPSA budget gives us as an area.

Let me start by saying they do not give any funds to the director.  The area director is expected to front up to $3000 from their own pocket, to USPSA on behalf of the area whereby they may get reimbursed by sending in receipts. In a sense, USPSA is asking the directors to finance the area budget. Keeping in mind USPSA is a $2M company, it sounds odd that they ask us to finance them. It also seems very low,  only allowing $3000 for total expenses for the members of 7 states. Breaking it down, the $3k is authorized to be expended as $1000 for marketing and $2000 for travel expenses.

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