What’s in the Area Budget?

A lot of talk over the years has been tossed around about what funds USPSA gives the area director. This article is to clear up the talk and let everyone know exactly what the the USPSA budget gives us as an area.

Let me start by saying they do not give any funds to the director.  The area director is expected to front up to $3000 from their own pocket, to USPSA on behalf of the area whereby they may get reimbursed by sending in receipts. In a sense, USPSA is asking the directors to finance the area budget. Keeping in mind USPSA is a $2M company, it sounds odd that they ask us to finance them. It also seems very low,  only allowing $3000 for total expenses for the members of 7 states. Breaking it down, the $3k is authorized to be expended as $1000 for marketing and $2000 for travel expenses.

In the past, several of the area directors have funded range officer classes with the money, $100 for RO classes and $200 for CRO classes. I agree with the past directors in the idea that Range Officer classes are good place to promote the sport. It helps give more ownership to the members, increases the pool of volunteers for matches and improves competitors overall knowledge of the game. Personally , I think all Range Officer classes should be paid for by USPSA in essence of furthering the sport and its volunteers.

Some of the first agenda items I have asked the BOD to discuss is the implementation of bank accounts for the Area directors, an increase in area funds and the deposit of these funds so that they may be used freely for the area expenses and further marketing. Many of the paid employees of USPSA have received substantial bonuses and raises over the years but the money spent on the members of the area has not changed in over 10 years.  When it comes to a $2M budget, $24k on the entire membership seems low. USPSA spends 4 times this amount for on the selected World Shoot Team.

My intent of this article is to inform the membership of the current state of our funding and to let everyone know I intend to ask for improvement to the regional marketing of the USPSA sport. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how we can further market the sport. – Jay Corn, A6 Director