Comments on Membership Report of 2014

As many of you know, Kim Williams released a statement titled, ‘USPSA Report to the Membership’ about USPSA regarding the general position and direction of the organization. I want to thank her for taking the time to publish the report. All in all it is a positive message and USPSA is moving forward.

In response to some questions and comments I have been given, I would like to clarify some things and include my take on the subjects. Keep in mind I have only been in this position 45 days and many of the subjects I have not been caught up on internally.

A lot of the report hinges on technology. Although there is a group of technical oriented people that have just started to get together, there are no board members involved in the meetings. (yet)

As for PractiScore being ‘the’ official program, I think she has jumped the gun a little. It is true that PractiScore has been approved by the BOD and is ‘one of’ the official programs. Since PractiScore is not complete it cannot be ‘the’ official program. It still relies on EZWinScore and therefore is not complete. While EZWinScore may be older it certainly is the standard at this point. I am also trying to explain to the BOD that not every club has the funds to implement and support PractiScore (yet). There are several issues with implementing PractiScore across every club and until the time PractiScore is complete and everyone can afford to convert, EZWinScore will be available.

Quicker Classification updates is a little misworded. In the BOD meetings we discussed having the classifiers updated on a weekly basis, not exactly ‘virtually immediately’. The idea is all the classifiers that have been submitted during the week will be automatically run on a designated day of the week. This is a big change from the manual process now in place. This also means that the scores will be calculated on a schedule, not just when someone has the time. It should also cure the problem of classifiers not being run around Nationals. This has been a bad subject for years and we hope to solve this with the new website technology.

While Kim states on enos forums that the classifier limit has been dropped ‘immediately’, the scoring programs have not been corrected to reflect the ability to put more than one in a match without being charged for a special classifier match. This is an oversight while trying to get the message out too fast. is being revamped from scratch. For those techs out there this means moving all programming and databases, internal and external, to PHP and MySQL. This will allow our internal data to be seamless to the websites and external connectivity. For those no-techies, it means we are bringing the computer systems to a common platform to allow for new progress.

The MyUSPSA app has still not been defined. In fact there is no official proposal, bid or contract that I know of. I have asked several times but to no avail. Nobody knows exactly what the program will do. All they can definitively tell me is Ken Nelson is being paid for a concept. I have never seen a company pay $5-10k for something without a definition of what is to be done or what the support costs over the next 10 years will be. I personally believe this is being pushed through lacking standard business practices.

I see a trend here. It seems things are being announced long before they are ready, complete or even contracted. PractiScore being ‘the’ official program, classifier limits dropped, MyUSPSA app and the Junior program are just some of them. These projects all lack documentation and completion but they have been announced as if they are already solid.

If you see any other issues with the report, please let me know and I will do my best to comment and respond.


USPSA Statement from Kim Williams ED