Brad Griffin Stage 5

Going Big at the Florida Open

The Florida Open is known for being a unique match. This year was no exception with big stages, a big entry list and big challenges.  This is a favorite for many of the top shooters from not only the US but the international community as well. This year brought the Russian ladies IPSC team, several top competitors from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and many others.  A total of 419 competitors this year.

Even for the Open and Limited guns the match had challenges that required reloads at most stages. Eleven stages and 311 rounds with most stages at the 32 round count. The only short stage was one paper and a plate rack at 27 yards.  Even more challenge were the classic targets at 30 yards half covered with no shoots, and there were plenty of no shoots.

Eric Grauffel stepped in to win the Open division with Max Michel and Chris Tilley rounding out the top three. “That guy is just a machine” says Shannon Smith finishing 6th in Open.  Manny Bragg wins the Limited Division only by 3 points over Jaime Saldanha,  an unclassified foreign student of Manny’s. Travis Tomasie, Blake Miguez and Charlie Perez rounded out the top five. Limited 10 had 19 competitors. Craig Underdown, William SmythJr and Clint Milburn were top 3. With Production, Gaston Quibdi Vallerga took the win with Jason Katz, a top Junior from Area 6 in close second and Nick Yanutola in third.

Single Stack competitors had their work cut out in this one. Ted Puente was on his game winning first overall. At 98.47% was Todd Jarrett and Angus Hobdell taking third. Junior Alex Larche took 4th and Keith Dilworth round the top five of 29 shooters. Six people took the unthinkable challenge of shooting revolver and in the end Ricardo Lopez took the overall.

Overall this match was a serious challenge even for the top level competitors of our sport. The stages were worthy of any championship on the circuit. If you missed it, you need to put it on your calendar for next year!