New USPSA Videos

USPSA has some new videos available on youtube. The videos are an excellent 4-part series (with more to come) about practical shooting fundamentals, and feature Travis Tomasie.

Quoting USPSA’s Facebook page for the videos:
“Are you new to shooting this year or do you know someone who is? USPSA wants to encourage new shooters to try give competitive shooting a try. To help, USPSA teamed up with top shooter Travis Tomasie to develop the USPSA Shooting Fundamentals YouTube video series. We hope these short videos will help give new shooters the basics of making accurate and fast pistol shots.

“The videos bring you through the 4 key areas of pistol marksmanship: Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment and Trigger control. Travis shows you the basic concepts that will help you get shots on target quickly.

“[USPSA] will be developing more videos in the coming months to highlight other aspects of USPSA competition including training, rules, running a match and doing your best in competition. [Their] hope is that these videos will be shared with your friends and family along with an invitation to come on out a give USPSA shooting a try!”