New Area Directors Announced

From USPSA President Phil Strader:

Hello all,

Really sorry for the delay. I’m here in Burlington, WA meeting with the staff and getting National and World Shoot business taken care of…among other things. Here are my replacements:

Area 1 – Bruce Gary
Bruce brings years of BOD experience to the board. He is easily over qualified for the position and has been a source of knowledge for USPSA for many years. I was shocked that we could get him to return with his busy work schedule, but we’re lucky to have him.

Area 4 – Art Brown
Art actually ran against Troy in the last AD4 election. Art is a fair and dedicated member of USPSA. He’s worked more Nationals than I can count, and his experience with NROI as a Range Master Instructor will be very welcome. I’m confident that he will do an excellent job, with big shoes to fill.

Area 6 – Chris Palmer
Chris came heavily recommended as an Area 6 Director replacement. Although Chris has not been a member of USPSA very long, his involvement with the organization has been very active. His love for the shooting sports can only be rivaled by his extensive business experience.

There were numerous qualified candidates, and the choices were not easy ones. Thanks to all who were interested, as well as to the AD’s they replaced. USPSA is made up of dedicated volunteers, and I’m confident that these gentlemen will do an excellent job.
I’ll post a copy of this announcement to the website, as well.

Thanks, and sorry again for the delay. Your patience is appreciated.

Take care,
Phil Strader