Area 6 Stages Controversy

Let me start by apologizing for some mis-information that has spread. A match was held by Roads End club at Frostproof on Saturday, March 29th. The stages were described as practice for area 6 but I can assure you they were not replicas or even close to the final stages of Area 6.  In fact one of the reasons I shot the match was to ensure they were not replicating the A6 match.

The stages we had planned and published for the real A6 were stages that had been shot at other Area 6 State matches. The stages had obviously been used by many clubs and shooters establishing the idea that they were well vetted stages. It was intended to be a conglomeration of Area 6 clubs and state championship stages.

None of the final stages have been placed on the ground as rumor may say. In fact we have not started building them and they are scheduled to be built Saturday, April 4th.  Nobody will be allowed on the stages until Thursday, the day before the match.

In light of the rumors and any perception of wrong doing, I have decided to change all 12 stages from the published diagrams. On Saturday, the day we start building, I will personally change every stage. I have informed the DNROI, A6 Director and the RM. The new stages will not be published before the match.

Unfortunately these things happen and we the volunteers must adapt to ensure a fair and challenging match for everyone. Sadly, this may change the publishing of matches across the board in the future.

Jay Corn, Match Director
2015 Area 6 Championship