Area 6 Championship was Hot!

This year the Florida sunshine brought the heat early making the Area 6 Championship a tough match for even the fittest competitors. Despite the blazing heat, twenty four of the thirty six squads pushed through twelve long stages in one day.  In the end their bags were well over 300 rounds lighter.

This championship was technical. Plenty of long, thirty plus yard shots to steel plates, poppers and paper. Options were abundant. Division and skills dictated the path. The average stage was over 25 rounds consisting of both close and far targets. Speed changes were key to a stage win. In old school fashion, this match was not about being a track star but rather a marksman at speed. The longest stage could be covered in just 24 steps and the average was closer to 14 or 16.

The age spread was wide. Eighteeen Super Seniors braved the heat and stuck with it all the way through. More than 24 Seniors and 12 juniors showed their skills as well. The University of Florida was well represented and provided the luxury of practice bays to anyone with three dollars.  The youngest of the juniors was just ten years old and made it all 12 stages in one day.

The strongest part of the match had to be the range officers and staff. Over 15 of 60 scheduled range volunteers didn’t make it to the match. That left holes to be filled by those who gave more than their fair share.  They traded out and stood for each other all three days. Breaks turned in to helping at another bay. Ninety degree temperatures  and little shade time between squads, the Florida heat brought some of them down to their knees. Even with all the holes, the match went off without a hitch or delay. It will take several days to recover from this one.

At the end, the prize money and the CK Arms Open gun were the subject. Everyone likes prizes but cash is even better. Over $18000 cash was awarded and 10 guns were earned or won in drawings and raffles.

Overall Results

Open – KC Eusubio
Limited – Manny Bragg
Limited 10 – Ted Puente
Production – Sal Luna
Single Stack – Robert Bowers
Revolver – Josh Lentz

Juniors Results

Christian Harris – High Junior Limited
Garris Mercer – High Junior Open, High Junior Overall Match
Seth Clagg – High Junior Production, 6th Place Production
Abigail Clagg – 3rd Lady Open
Anniston Baluyot – 2nd Lady Production