Upcoming Election Ballots

With all the politics of USPSA in the past couple of years it’s safe to say this election year will have a large impact on Area 6 and the future of USPSA as a whole. Elections have traditionally brought out 18-24% of the eligible voters in USPSA. There are many speculations as to why the percentage is low but other organizations seem to show the same passion, or lack thereof, in their elections.

In the past years there have been a lot of reports where members did not get to vote because they did not receive a ballot or a code to vote online. In anticipation of such an important election it is important that you make sure USPSA has your most current mailing address and email long before ballots are sent. Ballots are sent by a third party company after USPSA HQ sends them the list of eligible names and addresses. This means you need to get your corrections to HQ early, before July 15th if possible.