New Carry Optics Division

For decades, USPSA has shaped the pistol industry through its shooters who constantly made their firearms more accurate, comfortable and reliable. From handmade beavertails, thumb safeties and mag wells to electronic sights and porting, our competitors have been instrumental in pushing firearms manufacturing forward.

Recently, the tides have started to turn, and it is USPSA who must keep up with the industry. We have recognized the progression of lightweight carry pistols that are being outfitted with slide mounted electronic optics. In an attempt to answer this growing trend, USPSA has approved the provisional division of Carry Optics. For the remainder of 2015, Carry Optics will be recognized at sanctioned Level 1 USPSA events. At the next in-person USPSA BOD meeting, Jan 23-24, 2016, the Board will evaluate member participation, industry response and growth trends to decide if Carry Optics can remain a viable division within USPSA.

The division rules will stay very restrictive to avoid the potential “arms race” and will keep the requirements strictly in line with industry offerings. A complete appendix of Carry Optics division specifications will be available at in the coming days.

We are excited to see how this new division will be received by our members and the industry.

Phil Strader — President
US Practical Shooting Association