New Central Florida Section Coordinator

We have a new Section coordinator in the Central Florida Section. Chad Hylander has graciously volunteered for the position. Chad has been with USPSA since February 2011 and has earned the A class in Production division. Currently a CRO, Chad helps with many of the club and area matches and has close personal ties with Tony Hyatt, the previous long time SC.

Tony has been a great asset to USPSA and the Central Florida Section for as long as anyone can remember. Many know Tony for his dedication to every major match andĀ for a man so dedicated, he has a full size USPSA logo tattoo. Tony has worked many Nationals, Area matches and countless local matches in every capacity from RO to RM. Tony has some health issues to contend with and we all wish him well so we can see him again at the next USPSA match. Thank You Tony!