What USPSA can do for your range

USPSA is a nationwide professional sport. USPSA provides a cohesive organization including standardized rules, corporate structure and standardized competitive levels. These structural components help build a sport that each competitor can count on regardless of where or when they compete.  USPSA sets the standards so that individuals can compare themselves year after year to the entire country. Without these standards, ranges would just have matches that were not comparable to others and therefore no way to fairly judge performance.

It is important that all USPSA matches adhere to the guidelines and rules of USPSA. This is what brings competitors to the match. Having these standardized rules will bring competitors from everywhere to your matches because they know what to expect when they get there. Having a standardized match draws competitors from hours away. Instead of just going to the range, competitors have a well managed sport that provides measurement, social interaction and friendly competition.

It will increase revenues and awareness of your facility. USPSA matches clearly improve the attendance of a facility. Through regularly scheduled matches, competitors of all levels develop social groups and friends of common interest. Your range is the central hub of those relationships. More competitors means more revenue.

To start a USPSA club at your range, contact a section coordinator in your area. Section Coordinator info is available on this website. If you have questions, feel free to ask around at any of the listed clubs and you will see that USPSA is a great organization that can bring high quality competition to your range.