Area 6 Championship

The 2014 Area 6 Championship was held at the South River Gun Club in Covington GA on April 11th-13th 2014. Twelve stages of fast action and raw shooting. The weather was the best in years hanging around 55 in the morning to the mid 80s in the afternoon and plenty of Georgia sunshine for three days of USPSA style action.

Cindy Noyes, MD of the Area 6 Championship, put on a good match with 397 competitors.  It took a team to put this together in just 4 months. Cindy pulled everyone together and presented a Level III match on a very short notice. Only an experienced MD can make that happen and make it look easy.

For many it was a return to the South River Gun Club that allured the travel. The Area 6 Championship was last held at SRGC in 2010 then it was shared across other ranges to the south. It was a nice reunion. For those out of town it was a new look. So many changes have been made to SRGC over the past four years and many competitors feel it is ready for a Nationals. What a great range!

As with any match, we had our glitch. An all steel stage was thrown out after all the spare parts had been shot out. There were lessons learned and we moved on.

2014 Area 6 was the first match to offer the state champions a slot to the match. Each state champion from each division was given a slot and an opportunity to sign up first. With online registration it was a good thing for the champs as the match sold out in only 6 days. It clearly showed just how our sport is growing in popularity. Next year will have the same ladder so get to your state match and win a slot to the Area 6 Championship

Overall we had a great match and we are looking forward to next years challenges. I want to thank each and everyone that helped make the match a success. Without the volunteers, we have no sport.

Be sure to check back for the dates of next years Area 6 Championship!