4th Annual Jamaica Invitational

This match looked like a great event and looked worth while to post. While technically not in Area 6, a lot of Area 6 people took home wood.  Chris Tilley has regained the Open championship, and Frank Garcia took Production, with Orville Henriques on top of Limited. Can’t wait to hear the stories. Jamaica TV Video here. (forward to 10:44)

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Area 6 Junior wins at Steel Nationals

Junior shooter, Seth Clagg, from St Petersburg FL recently competed in the US National Steel Championships in Titusville, FL. Seth won high junior in the rimfire match with a time of 81.81 seconds (9th place overall in all divisions out of 86) and won high junior in the centerfire match with a time of 106.20 seconds (26th place overall in all divisions out of 172). Seth is pictured with Chet Whistle who donated a Sig Sauer 1911-22 to the high rimfire junior.

Another major moves to St George Utah

SCSAwebIn a seemingly sweeping move to shift all major matches to the west coast, another major match has been moved to St George, Utah.  The 2014 World Speed Shooting Championships, part of the USPSA Steel Challenge, has been moved to Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park (SUSSP).  This is the same range used for the Area 1 Championships and the USPSA Handgun Nationals.

The Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park (SUSSP)  is a partnership between the BLM, Washington County,  8 cities in Washington County, the NRA, and 5 non-profit organizations that run public venues on the park. SUSSP is a 501(c) non-profit organization that operates as a Special Service District of Washington County. It is a beautiful park for the sports.

While it may be a beautiful park, it’s nowhere near a major airline hub. Nobody knows why all the major matches are being shifted to the west but it sure isn’t cheap hotels and easy transportation. St George Utah is about two hours drive from Las Vegas.  The USPSA Handgun Nationals also moved there from Vegas last year. It  is the home of Southern Utah Practical Shooters.

If you are frustrated that the Nationals have not been shared with the east coast, or at least moved to a reasonable travel location, you are not alone. Many people from Area 6 did not go to the Nationals last year because of cost and time. It was expensive enough when it was in Las Vegas, but now its 2 hours drive beyond that. Some volunteers were spending upwards of $750 to volunteer at the Nationals and they didn’t even get to shoot it.

If you want to see the east coast get some of the pie, start asking the candidates for President what they think.


New USPSA Videos

USPSA has some new videos available on youtube. The videos are an excellent 4-part series (with more to come) about practical shooting fundamentals, and feature Travis Tomasie.


Quoting USPSA’s Facebook page for the videos:
“Are you new to shooting this year or do you know someone who is? USPSA wants to encourage new shooters to try give competitive shooting a try. To help, USPSA teamed up with top shooter Travis Tomasie to develop the USPSA Shooting Fundamentals YouTube video series. We hope these short videos will help give new shooters the basics of making accurate and fast pistol shots.

“The videos bring you through the 4 key areas of pistol marksmanship: Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment and Trigger control. Travis shows you the basic concepts that will help you get shots on target quickly.

“[USPSA] will be developing more videos in the coming months to highlight other aspects of USPSA competition including training, rules, running a match and doing your best in competition. [Their] hope is that these videos will be shared with your friends and family along with an invitation to come on out a give USPSA shooting a try!”

Going Big at the Florida Open

The Florida Open is known for being a unique match. This year was no exception with big stages, a big entry list and big challenges.  This is a favorite for many of the top shooters from not only the US but the international community as well. This year brought the Russian ladies IPSC team, several top competitors from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and many others.  A total of 419 competitors this year.

Even for the Open and Limited guns the match had challenges that required reloads at most stages. Eleven stages and 311 rounds with most stages at the 32 round count. The only short stage was one paper and a plate rack at 27 yards.  Even more challenge were the classic targets at 30 yards half covered with no shoots, and there were plenty of no shoots.

Eric Grauffel stepped in to win the Open division with Max Michel and Chris Tilley rounding out the top three. “That guy is just a machine” says Shannon Smith finishing 6th in Open.  Manny Bragg wins the Limited Division only by 3 points over Jaime Saldanha,  an unclassified foreign student of Manny’s. Travis Tomasie, Blake Miguez and Charlie Perez rounded out the top five. Limited 10 had 19 competitors. Craig Underdown, William SmythJr and Clint Milburn were top 3. With Production, Gaston Quibdi Vallerga took the win with Jason Katz, a top Junior from Area 6 in close second and Nick Yanutola in third.

Single Stack competitors had their work cut out in this one. Ted Puente was on his game winning first overall. At 98.47% was Todd Jarrett and Angus Hobdell taking third. Junior Alex Larche took 4th and Keith Dilworth round the top five of 29 shooters. Six people took the unthinkable challenge of shooting revolver and in the end Ricardo Lopez took the overall.

Overall this match was a serious challenge even for the top level competitors of our sport. The stages were worthy of any championship on the circuit. If you missed it, you need to put it on your calendar for next year!


Comments on Membership Report of 2014

As many of you know, Kim Williams released a statement titled, ‘USPSA Report to the Membership’ about USPSA regarding the general position and direction of the organization. I want to thank her for taking the time to publish the report. All in all it is a positive message and USPSA is moving forward.

In response to some questions and comments I have been given, I would like to clarify some things and include my take on the subjects. Keep in mind I have only been in this position 45 days and many of the subjects I have not been caught up on internally.

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Wirtex posts Florida Open scores live to Internet

The Florida Open is in action this weekend. Hosted at Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof Florida with over 400 competitors. This match is known for size, tough stages and the draw of the international competitors. They are using the electronic scoring from Wirtex called MSSC. It is now connected to the internet to give true live scoring. Click here to see the current rankings.

This is just a glimpse of where our sport is going. MSSC and PractiScore will bring new exposure to the Action Shooting world through the use of technology. Looking forward I see live broadcasting via internet and more exposure for sponsors. More exposure means bigger and better matches across the board. I will have more to post this weekend.

What’s in the Area Budget?

A lot of talk over the years has been tossed around about what funds USPSA gives the area director. This article is to clear up the talk and let everyone know exactly what the the USPSA budget gives us as an area.

Let me start by saying they do not give any funds to the director.  The area director is expected to front up to $3000 from their own pocket, to USPSA on behalf of the area whereby they may get reimbursed by sending in receipts. In a sense, USPSA is asking the directors to finance the area budget. Keeping in mind USPSA is a $2M company, it sounds odd that they ask us to finance them. It also seems very low,  only allowing $3000 for total expenses for the members of 7 states. Breaking it down, the $3k is authorized to be expended as $1000 for marketing and $2000 for travel expenses.

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