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New USPSA Videos

USPSA has some new videos available on youtube. The videos are an excellent 4-part series (with more to come) about practical shooting fundamentals, and feature Travis Tomasie.

Quoting USPSA’s Facebook page for the videos:
“Are you new to shooting this year or do you know someone who is? USPSA wants to encourage new shooters to try give competitive shooting a try. To help, USPSA teamed up with top shooter Travis Tomasie to develop the USPSA Shooting Fundamentals YouTube video series. We hope these short videos will help give new shooters the basics of making accurate and fast pistol shots.

“The videos bring you through the 4 key areas of pistol marksmanship: Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment and Trigger control. Travis shows you the basic concepts that will help you get shots on target quickly.

“[USPSA] will be developing more videos in the coming months to highlight other aspects of USPSA competition including training, rules, running a match and doing your best in competition. [Their] hope is that these videos will be shared with your friends and family along with an invitation to come on out a give USPSA shooting a try!”

Wirtex posts Florida Open scores live to Internet

The Florida Open is in action this weekend. Hosted at Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof Florida with over 400 competitors. This match is known for size, tough stages and the draw of the international competitors. They are using the electronic scoring from Wirtex called MSSC. It is now connected to the internet to give true live scoring. Click here to see the current rankings.

This is just a glimpse of where our sport is going. MSSC and PractiScore will bring new exposure to the Action Shooting world through the use of technology. Looking forward I see live broadcasting via internet and more exposure for sponsors. More exposure means bigger and better matches across the board. I will have more to post this weekend.

UF Team travels to compete in Texas

February 1st, 2014, The University of Florida Practical Pistol Team
traveled to College Station, TX to compete in the A&M hosted SPP Southwest Winter Regionals. The centerfire team made a huge improvement by shaving over 150 seconds off their score from last year’s match, placing 2nd and receiving funds for their growing Midway USA foundation account. Through a year of competition the Gators and Aggies have forged a strong friendship. A&M’s former team captain will be traveling with and shooting the Area 6
Championship with UF team members in April.  – Tom Davis

19 Classifiers Thrown Out

Hi Folks. We received this from Area 5 Director Kyle Farris last night (Jan 31st) at 10:51 p.m., an hour and 9 minutes before it took effect.
Hello USPSA Section Coordinators and Club Presidents,

Per direction from USPSA President, Phil Strader, I am sending this email. Please get this out to all Match Setup staff, directly.

With the division change to Revolver, allowing 8-shot Minor, going into play in February…USPSA needs to pull some of the classifiers (at least for the time being). See the list below. You are getting this ahead of any changes on the USPSA website.

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Juniors of Area 6 make World Shoot Team

Two juniors from St Petersburg FL have worked very hard over the past 3 years. So hard that they made it to the USPSA World Shoot Team. Jason Katz and Seth Clagg will be competing in the Production Division of IPSC’s biggest match. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for them both. With tremendous support from their home range, the Wyoming Antelope Club and several of the local competitors individual donations, these two have a good chance of winning at the biggest IPSC tournament in the world.

As many people know the World Shoot XVII will be held this year in Florida at the Universal Shooting Academy. World Shoot is only held once every three years and is in a different country each time. This is such an opportunity for all of us to see the absolute top competitors from each country stretch it out over 30 stages.  Make your plans early to visit Frostproof FL in October. More information is at

2014 FL State Championship set at Universal Shooting Academy

January 17th – This years Florida State Championship is ready to kickoff the new season. Twelve stages of challenge to determine the slots for the 2015 Area 6 Championship. This year we are incorporating a new scoring system from Wirtex. Wirtex is a company from Spain that has been scoring electronically for IPSC matches all over the world. True live scoring will be posted to give everyone an up to the minute view of the standings. Get ready fo the new season at the Florida State Championship!

Area 6 Championship Registration

Jan 2 – Registration for the 2014 Area 6 Championship will open Jan 2nd.  This year the State Champions have been given a slot but they must complete their entry by Jan 31. The match will fill fast so you need to be ready when it opens. Online registration will be the only way to get in. Go to Please note the match is currently full, but that could change after Jan 31 when we see which of the various Area state championship winners wish to claim their reserved slots to the match. Check back often.